Meet our furry family
Maren Baldwin & Ellen Kurland


Suzi is an All-American and at almost 16 years old she's still going strong!  She was my first agility dog and earned a few titles, but is much happier being a couch potato.

Sadly, Suzi left us last year at 16 1/2 years.  She will be greatly missed.

Magic is an amazing papillon who loves to run agility, do obedience and anything else he is asked to do.  Magic is also enjoying obedience and has earned his UD. Magic has earned his championship titles in AKC (MACH), TDAA (TACH2) and CPE (C-ATCH  and C-ATE).  
Keegan is my first border collie, he showed me how to be a better agility handler.  He's earned lots of titles, including a Versatility NATCH from NADAC and made it to the final round at NADAC Championships in 2009, placing 8th in the competitive 20 inch class!  At 5 years old he's been experiencing lots of joint and muscle pain, so we're exploring other activities that make him happy.  Keegan is currently 14 years old, he still loves to play agility, ball, frisbee and his favorite exercise is swimming!

Lil' Bit

Lil' Bit is one of the fastest papillons in agility!  She loves the game and has earned her share of titles in many different venues.  She is currently working hard in obedience and has successfully earned her CDX!
Rumble is a half-brother to Keegan, and Rum certainly idolizes him.  Poor Rumble suffers from lots of anxiety and fear.  I try to keep him busy with lots of tricks, agility and dock jumping.  He is all around a fantastic happy dog!


Oliver is such a wonderful Labradoodle who enjoys swimming, agility and loves his tennis balls!  He has earned many agility titles in AKC and NADAC.  Currently Oliver spends most of his free time playing on the agility field and dock jumping
Miss Bliss is such a great addition to our family and is an absolute joy!  She loves to learn any sport and gets along great with everyone she meets.  Bliss is excelling at agility and earned a place in CPE Nationals 2015 where she did fantastic.  She has also earned her champsionship C-ATCH in CPE.  Bliss has recently been certified with Alliance Therapy Dogs and enjoys her visits to various nursing homes and elementary classrooms.
Kinetic Right from the Start, also known as Hart  is a wonderful Australian Shepherd with a loving personality and amazing drive to do agility.  At just 17 months old, he scored the first place 16 inch Novice dog in the Dog Agility Competition of Florida (DACOF).  At 2 years old, Hart also earned himself a spot at CPE Nationals 2015 where he was wonderful and placed in several runs.   Recently Hart earned his C-ATCH in CPE and is working towards his agility champships in USDAA and AKC. Hart loves agility, frisbee, and swimming.


JKC CleverGirl, aka Clever is our newest puppy.  She is a smooth border collie who loves learning agility, frisbee and swimming so far. I have just started to compete in agility with Clever and I think she is going to be amazing. She has also recently started herding and I can tell she was born to do this.